Eric Stein

I am an Associate Development Manager on the FIFA Gameplay Team at Electronic Arts, supporting our developers in bringing the best football video game in the world to life. I am also a Game Development Instructor at Trinity Western University, training the next generation of developers in the skills, ideas, and mentalities they will need to excel in the games industry and transform it for the better.

I have a background in academic game studies, focusing on the philosophy of games and play, gameplay dynamics, and narrative design. I got my start making analog games, self-publishing roleplaying game zines on, and running two successful crowdfunding campaigns for Kickstarter's Zine Quest. This led to me teaching game design and development and serving as a project manager for student projects.

I am passionate about the intersection of industry and education, and care deeply about the labour that goes into making the interactive entertainment that I love. It takes an enormous amount of talent and effort to make a video game, and getting to collaborate with a team of amazing people to that end is an incredible privilege.